About Us

Megan VanEyll

Owner, Personal Trainer & Group Fitness Instructor

Favorite Day of the year? My Birthday! Ask anyone and they will tell you I am obsessed with my Birthday. I love my B-day more than I love Fitness but FITNESS is F***ing awesome. If fitness isn’t on your top 10 favorite things, let me help you!! I will show you the love, teach you to love it and help you, love you! I love me- do you love you? If you don’t you should! Self-love is the key to happiness, it’s taken me 30ish years to figure it out but finally, I think I’ve nailed it- well, kind of!

I’m Megan VanEyll- I’m the president of Shape It Up Fitness. I have a long-term fiancé, Marcus, he is the VP of SIU. It’s a title he doesn’t want but generously keeps. One time he ran 2 mile with me , it was about 9 years ago and he still feels the burn. Together we created an adorable little girl, she lights up our world and also drives us bat shit crazy. Her name is Ruby and she says “bay bee” 300 times a day- becoming a mom has been a wild journey, my heart has tripled in size and now I’m tired 24/7. How do you get in so many steps a day? I sweep the floor all the time! Marcus, Ruby and I are a mini little tribe- we spend a lot of time together doing fun things- our favorite is lake days! When we can, we pass Ruby off to our amazing family (Let’s here it for awesome grandparents!!!) We love to go on dates and I encourage us to make toasts, toasting about anything!! Dating is so fun, we love to hit the golf course, day drink and spend time laughing! As an individual I’m into so much. I want to do all the things- I’m always in a rush and pushing myself to the limits- a daily question I ask myself is “How can I live it up today?” I spend a lot of time working on me, keeping my energy high and participating in self-care. As much as I love people, I enjoy alone time….ahhhh, the silence! I have goals, I like coffee, I eat real food, I’m positive, I’m obsessed with hitting step goals, I sweat daily and most people think I’m fun- so that’s me! Just a boss babe, mom- living her best life while inspiring others to do the same! If we had to compare me to pizza- I am far from cheese, I’m like an everything pizza, extra crushed red peppers, extra pineapple and a side salad- because vegetables are life. (Comparing people to pizza is fun!) Ok enough about me- what’s SIU all about?!

Shape It Up is a little piece of me- It’s a boutique fitness studio in the great town of Waconia, MN. To the locals, we call it SIU, I’m the fitness girl and I hash tag sweat local. The sole purpose of SIU is to build others up! I want everyone to feel their best, while working to become the best version of themselves! Our tag line is- Shape It Up, your ass, your attitude, your life! So that’s it- that’s what SIU is all about. Working on your physical body and your mental health to really live the best life possible. At the studio we offer group fitness classes, personal training, accountability coaching, workshops and events. Our newest offering, Sweat With Megan has been created as an online, virtual fitness program to better serve those all over the world!

If you want to know more about Me- follow Live It Up with Megan



Cortney Minger

Group Fitness Instructor & Yoga Instructor

Cortney has been teaching group fitness for over 5+ years. She enjoys encouraging and training with all levels of fitness. She truly believes what doesn't kill you makes you stronger both physically and mentally! Along with holding a group fitness certification Cortney received her 200hr Power Yoga Certification in 2013. She loves the balance that yoga gives the body after a good workout out! When not instructing you can find Cortney running, enjoying time with her husband and family or in the kitchen working on her next healthy dessert creation that may or may not turn out! Cortney looks forward to seeing you in the studio soon!


Danielle Williams

Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor, Youth Trainer

Danielle has been a personal trainer, group fitness instructor and strength and conditioning coach for over 5 years. Her passion is to help people accomplish their health and fitness goals. She has her Master’s Degree in Applied Kinesiology with an emphasis in Sport and Exercise Science. Also, she played Division 1 college hockey at Bemidji State where she received her Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise science with an emphasis in Health and Fitness Promotion. She loves creating new ways to make exercise fun and exciting. Danielle is eager to share her love of fitness with you in the studio.


Nikki Nielsen

Group Fitness Instructor

Nikki has been working in the fitness industry since 2004. Holding both the NETA Group Fitness Instructor Certification as well as a ZUMBA Certification. She enjoys working with all ages, fitness levels and fitness interests. One of Nikki's favorite motto's is 'you're never fully dressed without a smile!' Nikki enjoys encouraging others to find the FUN in fitness, she believes that when fitness is enjoyable we are more likely to not only make fitness part of our daily life but succeed in our goals, being proud of each big or small ``win`` we make along the way. When not instructing you can find Nikki trying to keep up with her two young boys, outdoors as much as possible, spending quality time with her Hubby, and dancing while folding laundry. Nikki can't wait to shake it with you in the studio!!

Jacqueline Hillstrom

Group Fitness Instructor

Jacqueline is a middle school teacher and cross country coach by day and a fitness, fashion, and family fanatic in her free time. After joining SIU in April 2016 her love for group fitness grew quickly, SIU became a haven, and all of her fitness friends became a second family. Jacqueline looks forward to expanding her role as an instructor at SIU in hopes of helping others find the same love for health and wellness.


Bobbi Jo Fischer

Group Fitness Instructor

Bobbi Jo is a personal trainer and group fitness instructor. She holds her Personal Trainer Certification through ACE Fitness and is an ACE Senior Fitness Specialist. She enjoys training with all ages and levels, but her passion is working with people over 45. Bobbi understands how the body changes as we age and how it affects the way we exercise. Exercise and movement should make you feel young and vibrant, and she can't wait to guide you to a fitter, healthier life!


Greg Swanson

Group Fitness Instructor

Became a certified personal trainer through the NSCA after graduating from Northern Iowa in 2007. Playing baseball in college lead him to his passion for fitness, which he knew he wanted to continue out of school. Over his time in Minnesota he has worked with different members of the professional sports teams as well as helping several clients lose an excess of 100lbs! His passion for fitness is apparent with the time and care he puts in with each individual, helping them reach their personal goals. He loves helping young athletes up their games and make them stronger. He is always growing and learning new techniques by taking multiple classes a year. When he’s not working he likes to spend time with his family, playing outside with his 2 active boys and doing anything in the Waconia area!

Jessica Flosi

Pop Pilates Instructor

Jessica was a professional dancer/choreographer for almost 10 years. In January of 2017, after letting life with 4 kids get away from her a little, she started on a path to get herself and her family back on a journey to health and Fitness. She changed her diet and started doing a program called POP Pilates. In September, she took a leap of faith and got certified in this amazing program that has changed her life. She cannot wait to enter the fitness world, and share this class with everyone at SIU. In her “spare time,” she is a stay at home mom to her 4 amazing children. Besides POP, being a wife and being a mom, She loves to run, read, binge watch Netflix and make homemade Italian meals for her friends and family!