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Shape it Up Fitness

The Studio

The fitness studio is an escape from everyday life. It’s bright, cheery and filled with good music, sweat, smiles and fun. Shape It Up Fitness is located in the heart of downtown Waconia, MN. With big windows and a white exterior, you can’t miss us!


Our greeting area is filled with customized swag, high quality supplements, wellness gift ideas and fitness equipment, like boxing gloves for class! We have two studios, one for group fitness and another for private training and filming virtual workouts.

Group Fitness

Check out our schedule here. We offer a large variety of group fitness classes, check out our brief description of our classes below. Group fitness classes are instructed by our amazing SIU Crew, find out more about them here. Our staff brings the best energy to class while providing high quality routines. A fun fact about our group fitness classes is no two work outs are ever the same! Every class is fresh and creative!

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We offer a number of boxing style classes; cardio boxing (mixing bag exercises with cardio drills) boxing & weights (combining bag exercises with strength-based moves) and Just Bags (a class where you work the bag only)


Intro to Barre (a shorter version of our Barre class which tones the body using the ballet barre) and Barre (high energy classes using the ballet bar to set your tiny muscles on fire, great for the butt!)

Boot Camp

A kick butt style class toning you from head to toe. Open to all fitness levels because you work at your own pace with modification for both newbies and extreme fitness lovers. Judgement free zone, everyone died during these classes!

Pump Some Iron

Hate cardio, but love strength training? Meet me here! These classes are lifting weights only!

Rock’n Weights

Again, hate cardio? This class is all about burning out a muscle group doing strength-based moves to the best music!

Women & Weights

Women only! Grab your weights and circuit through a total body workout.

Gangsta Booty

Rap music and almost all legs! You’ll feel muscles you didn’t know you had! A combination of cardio and strength with plenty of focus on your booty.

Yoga Sculpt

Hit your mat for a full body workout using a combination of yoga sequences. Cardio, legs, arms, abs and more will be worked, finish class with a stretch and a cool towel!

HIIT & Reps

High Intense Interval Training, it sounds worse that it is. It’s a lot of cardio with a lot of reps using light weights.

Private Fitness

Private training at SIU is individualized fitness with customized plans specifically targeted to helping our clients reach their personal goals. During private training sessions, experience top notch service, unique workouts and out of this world motivation. Private training includes measurements, before and after photos, nutritional planning ideas, help outside the studio and unlimited group fitness classes with some packages. Book now to start hitting your personal goals.

Sweat With Megan

Virtual SIU

If you can't make it to the studio, but you want to Shape It Up, Girl, we've got you covered! Our virtual accountability group, Sweat With Megan is everything SIU from the comfort of your own home. The Sweat With Megan virtual group is the Shape It Up lifestyle, exactly like the studio but hosted virtually. The vibe is high, the energy is contagious, the workouts are sweaty. the group is filled with love, support and motivation. Each month we offer an exclusive Sweat With Megan challenge. Challenges include a fun theme usually with customized swag or equipment included. Inside the private accountability group, you will receive daily motivation, weekly goals, customized trackers, LIVE workouts and chats with instructors, prerecorded workouts, meal ideas, grocery shopping tips and more! Check out our upcoming Challenges here! Join our Sweat With Megan community now and start changing your life. Want to know more about Megan? Click here to get all the details.

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