If you've been following SIU this past year, you're familiar with Brittany's Shape It Up Success Story. In July of 2021 Megan, owner of SIU reached out to her longtime friend asking her to personal train weekly and candidly document her journey on social media. Together Megan explained Brittany's journey from her end, while Brittany shared all the details from her experience from her perspective. The updates have been raw, the photos unfiltered and the experience a true success! Brittany talks openly before and after her training session on her social media and shares her monthly progress photos with details about the past 4 weeks! Over the 7 months working with SIU, Brittany went from 1 workout per week to hitting 4 or 5 group fitness classes weekly. She continues to train one on one with Megan weekly and recently hit a goal; wear a bikini on her family vacation (first time in 11 years!) Together they've stayed consistent, with plenty of motivation from the Shape It Up community and support from her family and friends Brittany has lost 25 pounds during this transformational experience and lots of inches. Check out her before and after photo! Now, we are looking for someone to become the next Brittany!

What you'll get: 1 personal training session per week, unlimited group fitness classes, access to Sweat With Megan (our virtual accountability group), nutritional support, progress photos, measurements, an entire community of women supporting you and a small bit of fame as people follow your journey!

What you'll do as the Next Brittany: Have a positive mindset for change, show up weekly for a great workout, gradually begin attending group fitness class and Sweating With Megan virtually, candidly share your experience on social media, be open to sharing your progress photos, film a few Tiktoks with Megan, be willing to eat more vegetable and of course share the fun of SIU with your friends and followers!

Next Brittany